Thursday, February 4, 2016

My new portfolio site

I have a new site!

My portfolio header

The site was created to present the different projects I'm working on as a portfolio. I will keep posting ideas and explorations here. But I feel that a site with a proper home page and unique design (compared to this blog, at least) will present the projects and my skillset in a better light.
And for the technical part. This is a static, pelican based site. The theme was adapted from the Hugo Creative theme, with several modifications. Feel free to fork and change for your own needs.
As usual, comments are more than welcome!


  1. I run a blog, I'm feeling like WordPress is a little bit too much for what I’m doing. Just too many stuff to load that slows my site down. Happy that I decided to switch to a static site generator supported by Ink for all's Markdown export functionality

  2. I used to invest an insane amount of time converting our website content into Markdown docs, recently started using the Ink for All text editor’s Hugo compatible export feature:|Was spending far too much time converting blog articles into markdown files. Only recently found Ink for All’s markdown export functionality. Really love it: